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Small Dog Crates

Love the small dog crate?  Then we have the perfect small dog crate for you.  See our beautiful selection and find the best small dog crate around.
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Do you have a dog under 30 lbs? Then you can use a 20” small dog crate. Chihuahuas, Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers are some examples of dogs that could be less than 30 lbs. You can also decide if you need a small dog crate by measuring the length, height and width of your dog. For the length of your dog, measure your dog from his nose to his tail. Be sure to add 2-4 inches to the length when measuring the tail. To determine the height of the small dog crate, measure your dog from the top of the head to the ground. If your dog has erect ears, measure from the tip of the ears. For the width of your small dog crate, add approximately 2 inches for smaller breeds and 4 inches for larger breeds.

Why would you want to use a small dog crate? Dogs have a denning instinct; they prefer enclosed and safe quarters. In the wild, that safe quarter would be their den. Your dog will view his small dog crate as a safe refuge from the bustle of the house if you properly introduced your pet to the small dog crate. Most dog owners are surprised to learn that wild dogs spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping! Rest periods in snug quarters are a natural part of caring for our dogs’ needs.

In addition to using the small dog crate for “potty” training and “time out”, don’t forget your dog is a social animal. Spend time out of the small dog crate and give your dog time to interact with other dogs or people. Give your pet plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, walks and opportunities to spend time with you.